Buffalo Hide Grades

A series of questions and considerations to think about when buying a buffalo fur hide rug.

When discussing buffalo furs you will hear us talk about the quality and grade. You'll also hear us point out the specifications and characteristics of the fur.

Don't be confused by the different grades. In the industry, we rank the grades from Select to Reject. We will do our best to explain and want to ensure that you choose the right product.

Buffalo Grades Defined

1. Select Quality Buffalo Hides

Select quality is the best fur also called the winter buffalo robe. This is also the optimum quality you can expect to achieve. They are tanned in the US and have the most comfortable, soft and supple hide and have tannin parchment color. You will notice that all the sides will have full fur and a perfect consistency with no evidence of gaps or patches. You will also not experience any hair slips, sewing, or stains. The best grade comes with a tail and can measure up to six feet by six feet.

2. Leather Grade Buffalo Hides

Leather grade buffalo hides are mostly summer hides with shorter hair. These hides are tanned into leather and NOT sold as furs.

3. Second Grade Buffalo Hides

Second Grade hides on the other hand, have thick hair in a few sections but when you flip them to the back you may notice patches in the hide. WE DO NOT SELL THESE.

4. Short Hair Grade Buffalo Hides

Short Hair hides have little or no mane hair to add to their overall short hair. Short hair hides have NO patches, holes, or bald spots. WE DO NOT SELL THESE.

5. Craft Grade Buffalo Hides

Craft Grade is a good alternative to save you money if you do not need a full hide. They are appropriate for bigger craft items. We have limited availability. Please call if interested.

Buffalo Hide Specifications & Characteristics

We often refer to buffalo hides as buffalo furs, buffalo rugs, buffalo robes, etc.

Specifications like weight, size and color all play into the quality and price of a buffalo fur.

The buffalo fur characteristics are important when evaluating your purchase. We are talking about things like if the buffalo hide includes its tail or not, as this is an indication of the quality.

Determine if there are holes or patches in the hide. Ask if there are inconsistencies in the fur length. Are there any stains on the hide?

Remember there are significant differences in a buffalo's winter fur vs a buffalo's summer fur. It's OK to ask and we encourage you to understand if your buffalo fur is from a bull or a cow as prices differ significantly.

At Claw, Antler and Hide, our buffalo hides all have deep, lush winter fur, few if any holes, soft supple leather with tails. Our buffalo furs are tanned by the best tannery in the USA. The bull bison are longer heavier furred and have thicker leather which makes them weigh more.

Ten Questions to Ask

  1. What is the grade of the buffalo hide, fur, robe?

  2. What is the color?

  3. What is the approximate size?

  4. Are there any holes in the hide?

  5. Does the fur have a tail intact?

  6. Are there any inconsistencies in the fur length?

  7. Are there stains?

  8. Is it a summer or winter fur?

  9. Is it from a bull or a cow buffalo?

  10. Is the hide tanned in the U.S.A.?

Questions? We'd love to share our wide selection of Buffalo rugs with you and answer any questions. Tell us what you’re looking for and how you plan to use your buffalo rug, robe or blanket. Our phone number is 605-673-4345.