Designing with Taxidermy

Cabin designed with touches of Taxidermy

Cabin designed with touches of Taxidermy


Design an Authentic Cabin Interior by Harnessing Taxidermy

Taxidermy has been around for as long as man has hunted animals for meat. Interior decorating around taxidermy might not be a new concept, but decorating with a deer head or moose rack on the wall holds a chic elegance that can't quite be compared.

Mount Antlers Cabin Design

Decorating with Antlers & Mounts

Modern Taxidermy decorating ideas tend to feature mounts as key pieces. These come as Elk Mounts, Deer Mounts, Mouse Mounts, Jackalope Mounts, Black Bear Mounts, Buffalo Mounts and many others. Simply center your desired animal of choice on the wall above eye level to create the perfect centerpiece and focal point for any room.

Decorating with taxidermy gives an instant talking point for guests, it draws the eye no matter where you use it and gives the interior design a rugged but sophisticated touch.

Buffalo Fur Rug

Buffalo Fur Rug

Decorating with Fur Rugs & Throws

Fur rugs are another great way to draw visitors into any space. Buffalo rugs, bear rugs and cowhides make for a stunning room feature and have a welcoming quality that is hard to replicate.

While a fur rug in front of the fireplace is a classic approach, we also love using them as wall hangings and sofa throws. The natural elegance of furs and hides is not only a great look they are a practical and cozy additions to gathering areas and bedrooms.

Bear Mount

Bear Mount

Inspired Design and Wild Displays

Nothing completes a log cabin quite like a Deer or Bear Mount. Be careful not to overwhelm the walls and, as a pro tip, try to keep your mounts grouped together in odd numbers to maximize their impact. Don't forget to keep the size of your mount relative to the size of the room so that it doesn't become too dominating.

With the proper lighting and creativity taxidermy can make any room look great. Decorating with taxidermy yields a rustic chic vibe that is sure to foster some great stories.

Create an Inspired Home with Taxidermy

Our final piece of advice is to choose pieces that you love, that capture the essence of your travels and give your home, cabin or office some personality. You deserve a space that is a reflection of yourself. Make it interesting and innovative by decorating with taxidermy!