Highest Quality, Best Prices and the Widest Selection

We know our competition and we know Claw, Antler & Hide Company offers the highest quality, best prices and the widest selection of furs and hides across all kinds of different wildlife.

When researching and considering furs and hides from Claw, Antler & Hide, Merlin's Hide Out, Braintan, Moscow Hide and Fur or Glacier Wear, we encourage you to compare 1. Quality, 2. Price 3. Selection.

Merlin's Hide Out focuses on buffalo hides, buffalo accessories, buffalo apparel, including buffalo trapper hats, along with buffalo decor like buffalo blankets, buffalo pillows and buffalo rugs.

Braintan is a traditional tanner dedicated to braintanning deer, elk, moose and buffalo hides. Braintan only sells genuine brain tan. On Braintan.com you'll also find tanning articles, tanning research plus leather crafts.

Glacier Wear sells fur blankets, fur pelts, fur hides, fur rugs, fur hats. Glacier Wear offers furs and leathers. On Glacierwear.com you'll find beaver fur throws and bear skin rugs along with claws, jewelry and buckskins.

Moscow Hide and Fur is a fur buyer and fur house. Moscow Hide and Fur sells antlers, horns, skulls, bones, beads, shells, tanned hides, furs, buckskins, leathers and more. On the Moscow Hide and Fur’s website Hideandfur.com you'll find hair-on hide, regular and taxidermy quality furs and hides.

Have Questions?

After shopping the competition, we encourage you to give the team at Claw, Antler and Hide Company a call at 605-673-4345, email us or stop in our Custer, SD store. We are confident you’ll be happy you did.