Gary & Janice Gruber

Gary & Janice Gruber

Store History

Claw, Antler and Hide Co. opened its doors in our current location in 1993 but our business dates back to 1985.

Gary and Janice first began selling elk and deer skins at Powwows across the western states in the mid-80s. Gary would trap furs and tan hides in the winter, then travel during the summers. Gary listened to his customers and over the years began expanding their products to clawsantlers and skulls.  

In 1992, a good friend suggested they consider renting a 10' x 10' space in a Custer mini-mall. Janice operated the small store while Gary continued to travel, selling at various shows and events. The business grew and within a year, Gary and Janice made the decision to rent a larger space. In 1993, they made the move to their current location. The front room served as their showroom while the family lived in the back half. 

The family continued to make improvements to their store and were eventually offered the opportunity to buy the Custer property. Shortly after purchasing the store in 1995, Gary and Janice expanded their showroom footprint to the back half.

Today, the store is filled with memories and souvenirs, showcasing buffalo rugs, deer antlers, elk mounts, moose racks, otter jaws, bear claws, raccoon tails, antelope skulls and much, much more.

Claw, Antler and Hide Co. offers everything from taxidermy to crafts and continues to listen to our customers and grow a little each year.

We are a proud member of the Black Hills community and welcome guests throughout the year. Our store is located at 735 Mount Rushmore Road in Custer, South Dakota and we invite you to stop by.

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