Jackalope Mount

Jackalope Mount


Jackalopes are rarely seen and if and when one is spotted, it is usually the female of the species. Males are seldom if ever spot except by the most cunning of hunters. Once in awhile a motorist will run into one in the middle of the night. But there again, only the females get hit as the males are much to smart and wouldn't try a stunt like that. Everybody needs a Trophy Jackalope!

This is a 17 point monster jackalope.

Our mounts are not your average 2 and 3 point scrounge Wyoming jackalopes that most stores sell. These are true Boone & Crockett trophies taken here in South Dakota. Like the Wiley Coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner, there are only a few people that are persistent enough to take these elusive critters.  Most hunters give up quickly so not much is known about pursuing them . One women that supplies some of these magnificent animals says she only goes out on a full moon night and mentioned something about the Jackalope Refuge in the Badlands, but didn't elaborate on much else. If you are a person that is truly looking for a rare animal that no one else has or seen, then look no farther. Decorate your home, den, office, cabin or man/women cave with these Giant Trophy Lopers .

Only $235.00 and yes, supply is very limited.

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