Choosing the Perfect Natural Rug or Robe

Grade Quality

What to look for and ask about when evaluating the hide grade?

Look to ensure all areas of the robe have full fur and have good consistency with no evidence of gaps or patches. Determine if there are holes in the hide. Ask if there are inconsistencies in the fur length. Make sure there are not any stains on the hide.

Are there any inconsistencies in the fur length?

Patchy or inconsistent fur length is an indication of a lower quality fur. It's OK to ask and we encourage you to understand if your fur is from a bull or a cow as well if it's summer or winter fur as prices can differ.


Consider the color, texture and natural pattern mix.

Cow and goat hides often come in a variety of mixed colors ranging from blacks, whites, reds, chocolates, browns and grays. While a mature buffalo bull in winter will have a dark brown to black coat, the bison's fur can vary with the season.


What is the approximate size?

Hide & fur sizes are going to vary depending on each animal. While you should measure and compare your options, we provided some general measurements for reference.

Buffalo fur size is approximately 80" x 59”

Cougar fur size is approximately 78” long

Goat hide size is approximately 26” x 36”

Sheep hide size is approximately 43” X 24”

Bear hide size is approximately 62” X 56”

Cow hide size is approximately 60” x 70”

Timber Wolf fur size is approximately 84” long

Beaver fur size is approximately 20” x 29”

Elk hide size is approximately 60” x 48”

Moose hide size is approximately 61” x 50”

Beyond the size, leather weight and fur quality will effect the price of a natural rug or animal robe.

Rest assured, at Claw, Antler and Hide Co., our buffalo hides all have deep, lush winter fur, few if any holes, and soft supple leather with tails.