Black Bear Skull

Black Bear Skull

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Black Bear (Ursus americanus) skull. Used for crafting, decoration in a house cabin or hunting camp, and classroom identification. All of our skulls are boiled to clean them. Than we use a whitener to cut the grease and get them nice and clean. After cleaning we use a small bead of hot glue to keep all the teeth in place. You can heat the glue with a hair dryer to remove it if you choose to.

Bear number 1 is 11’’ 3/4 L and 7 ‘‘1/4 W has slight crack in one fang Bear number 2 is 12’’ 1/2 L 7’’ 3/4 W It has a small bullet hole in head. Both skulls are off old bears.

NOT LEGAL TO BUY IN ALL STATES (please check local game and fish regulations)

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