Four Ways to Enjoy Your Buffalo Hide Fur

Bison hide fur rugs offer a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. They are natural, warm and comfortable. 

Whether you want to cover up in your bed with a book, decorate a cabin wall or discuss simpler times with friends, buffalo furs are an amazing addition to any home, office or retreat. 

The buffalo robe’s significance, beauty and durability are second to none.

Consider these four uses for your buffalo fur rug, robe, blanket, bedding or wall hanging.  

1. Game Night on a Bison Fur Rug

Imagine gathering the family for some fun on Friday night in front of the cabin’s fire on a lush and soft buffalo fur rug. The snow begins to fall as your kids grab their hot coco and your spouse pours a nice red. You break out your family’s favorite board games and secure your spot anticipating the rush. Now, the family with snacks in-hand gather in the great room. Each getting nice and cozy in their own way with pillows and blankets. Settled and ready to begin your night, you are surrounded by your loving family sitting on a buffalo hide fur rug from Claw, Antler & Hide. It doesn’t get much better than this. The only remaining question… who gets to go first? 

2. Curl Up with a Good Book & Bison Robe Blanket

There is something about the winter that makes curling up in an oversized chair with your favorite book extra special. At Claw, Antler & Hide Company, we encourage making time for yourself. Treat yourself to a simple pleasure. Grab your soft buffalo fur blanket, put on your comfy cloths and extra thick socks. Then pour yourself a freshly brewed cup and curl up under the warmth of supple bison fur robe. 

3. Get Under the Luxurious Bison Fur Covers

Jump into your luxurious bed and get under the covers made of warm, soft, lush bison fur. The chill in the air immediately is replaced with a welcoming tenderness as you close your eyes and get comfortable. The lush fur brushes you chin as you wrap yourself into the natural blanket. Relaxed, safe, and snug – your breathes slow as a calm sweeps over you. This is the good life. 

4. Decorate the Cabin with a Plains Bison Fur Throw or Wall Hanging

Steeped in history the American bison is intertwined in the lives of the Indigenous people. The bison was critical to their survival and well-being for centuries and continues to play a significant role in Native American culture. Imagine your buffalo fur throw draped over the loft railing or hung above the fireplace.  As it did for the early plains Indians the buffalo fur continues to represents security and warmth. A Claw, Antler and Hide bison fur hide wall hanging takes you back to a different time and gives any room that authentic cabin feeling.